Gearing up for an event or looking to build brand loyalty?
GameOn CoinToss is your one stop for all of your marketing & development needs!

Billions of dollars are spent each year on programs by companies that want to build brand loyalty. The success of these programs is often a subjective measurement without any hard data recorded. GameOn CoinToss is a comprehensive platform that will not only provide you with the data you are
looking for, it will provide you a fun way to collect the data.

Each CoinToss program contains a numbered set of ceramic coins, each with a unique password and a custom website we create for you. Coin recipients register thier coins and gain acces to your custom website. In addition to the database you create from the website, CoinToss is also a vehicle to engage those that have an interest in your organization for weeks and months to come.

GameOn CoinToss coins are branded with your company logo, event and contact information or anything else you need to add a new dimension to your business marketing efforts. The coins will be designed for you and can have almost any image or message you want on them.

Keeping your website information fresh with special offers and prices during the year will help increase sales and community awareness and insure that your community stays engaged. This website will also serve as a platform to help get the message out about future events. Promote your latest event by using the coins as tickets, they double as a keepsake and will remind them of your brand on a regular basis. Offer discounts provided by event sponsors to insure they continue to talk about your company and event well after it is over!

Put the power of GameOn CoinToss to work for you.

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