About Us

GameOn CoinToss, the creator of Loyalty Coins,  is a new program designed to do much more than just fundraising.  Not only does it help increase donations and support it also gives you the ability to build a database of donors that you can contact on the personalized website provided with your program. This database gives you the ability to keep in touch, share news about your organization, and offer discounts to coin holders via email, text, and a private members community which are all part of our program.

The value of Loyalty Coins is in the community you build around your company.  With each program purchase we will provide you with a custom website and database tailored to your group.  Individuals that purchase coins will have access to the private website and will easily get their money back by utilizing one of the many discounts offered to the group.  They may also be one of the lucky winners of a raffle if you choose to have one.  Your coins will be designed for you, featuring full color graphics on both sides to help create a keepsake that coin holders can proudly display on their key chains and keep close at hand to receive different offers from local and national discount partners.   These benefits will easily outweigh the cost of a coin purchase and make selling your coins a very simple task.

As you can see Loyalty Coins is not only the most powerful fundraising tool available, it is a platform that will engage your clients and bring excitement to your activities.